Tumbling composters make the job of turning compost very easy, and can speed up the process by adding in oxygen regularly. 

How it works

Tumblers are useful for mixing materials.  The aeration is especially helpful for dense, wet fruit and vegetable waste, but needs to mixed with plenty of coarse, woody material such as woodchip to prevent large clumps forming.  They are also good for dealing with perennial weeds.   The compost produced can be added straight into the garden, but it can be beneficial to add it to another composter on the ground to allow it to mature with worms and bacteria from the soil.  

Pros – Compost is sealed in the vessel, off the ground, making it secure from rats. Speeds up the composting process.

Cons – Expensive (unless homemade), and can take up quite a lot of space.  They can be heavy to turn, and are prone to fruit flies and clumping if the mix is not right.  

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