Carry On Composting - brilliant site full of resources from compost expert Rod Weston who runs a composting demonstation site in Leicester.

Instagram: @compostable.kate

Garden Organic Composting - tips, links & videos about home composting. 

The Compost Connection - Birmingham based compost experts who are involved in the Compost Culture project. 


How to Make and Use Compost; Nicky Scott - a classic in the compost canon. 

Composting for a New Generation; MichelleBalz

Teaming with Microbes; Jeff Lowenfels – forlearning more about the microbes in our soil, and how to support them.

The Community Composting guide - comprehensive 94 page guide to setting up a variety of community composting schemes.

As the project develops, this page will host a variety of composting resources for the home, workplace & community project. 

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