Plastic cone shaped compost bins (‘Daleks’)

These plastic bins are a fairly cheap and compact option for small gardens.  They can be used for garden waste, or raw fruit and vegetable scraps.  They can be rat-proofed by adding a layer of wire mesh underneath the base (link), which enables bokashi’d food scraps(including meat and cooked food) to be composted.

How it works

These are a simple container with plastic sides and lid, and an open base.  Green and brown materials are added (see link about filling a bin) and are broken down by microbes, fungi and other tiny composting creatures.   

Depending on the materials added, how small they are chopped, and how often they are mixed, it can take between 4-18 months until compost is ready.  The finished compost can be taken out by lifting up the bin, a bit like a giant sandcastle! 

Pros – one of the cheapest options.  Suitable for small spaces, or larger gardens can have a row of them.  Simple to use. 

Cons – can be tricky to turn, slower to make compost than larger bins. 

Tip: These bins have an open base, allowing composting worms to enter, but this can also mean that rats can dig underneath, so site your dalek on slabs or stone. 

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