Project Sites: Composting 

The project involves setting up a number of composting sites across the city at the 3 Incredible Surplus allotments, Birmingham Friends of the Earth community garden, All Saints Community garden and St Paul’s Community Development Trust. Each site will offer a different approach to composting from large scale industrial composting to micro composting for third sector cafe kitchens to community composting in inner city areas. An associated public programme will be run at each site where people and businesses can visit to find out about how to compost. 

Project Sites: Growing 

The project involves growing food with the compost we produce. This is important in creating a closed loop system.  Incredible  Surplus have three allotment sites in close proximity to their hub - The Sharehouse in Winson Green - where  we are already composting waste and growing fruits and vegetables. The food grown will be shared will people in Birmingham through Incredible Surplus’s food distribution network and partners projects.

These three sites (at Londonderry Smethwick, Uplands Handsworth, Victoria Jubilee Handsworth) are the equivalent of 5 large allotments;  they use organic principles and no-dig methods within a loose permaculture framework. The sites are co-ordinated by Chris & Liz from General Public, supported by the brilliant Incredible Surplus volunteers.

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